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The Rottweiler Club of Canada
33-2825 Gananoque Dr.
Mississauga, Ontario L5N 1V6
(905) 858-3510 ext. 3

Rottweiler Club of Canada - Executive
President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Past-President
Adele Foley Marina Skoreiko

Angela Scriver Gwen Haynes Trish Barrett-Butler
Bio Bio Bio Bio Bio
Rottweiler Club of Canada - Regional Directors
British Columbia Prairies Ontario Maritimes Québec
Hedy Rankin Amanda Halayko Phil Vasconcelos Angie Parsons Cheryl Carruthers
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Rottweiler Club of Canada - Committee Chairpeople
Committee / Title Chairperson / Titleholder Email Bio
Membership Chair Laura Grandmont bio
Show Chair Vacant bio
Obedience Chair Michelle Whistlecraft bio
Breed Specific Legislation Chair Vacant bio
Newsletter Editor Vacant bio
Sieger Show Chair Vacant bio
Schutzhund Chair Shannon "Woody" O'Bryant bio
COE Chair Debbie Cornell-Charneski bio
Communications Chair Caroline Swirsky bio
Awards Chair Michelle Whistlecraft bio
Disciplinary Chair Debbie Haynes bio
Webmaster Leslie Williams bio
By-Law Chair Vacant bio
Mechandise Coordinator Caroline Swirsky (acting) bio
Rottweiler Club of Canada - Committee Members
Committee Members
Breed Specific Legislation Stacey Herrie - Prairies
Cheryl Carruthers - Quebec
Lisa Boucher - Maritimes
Vacant - BC
COE Committee Gwen Haynes
Angela Craddock
Trish Barrett
Marina Skoreiko
Adele Foley
Suzanne Eikanger-Stoops
Disciplinary Committee Gina Turco
Angela Craddock
Gwen Haynes
Sylvie D'Auteul
Tracey Norwood
Communications Committee  

If you are interested in volunteering for the Rottweiler Club of Canada in any way or if one of the "vacant" positions interests you, please contact us: RCC at