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Awards Systems

In an effort to recognize outstanding individuals in our breed, The Rottweiler Club of Canada has implemented a Hall of Fame award, Versatility award and Top Producer award to begin Jan. 01, 2002.  These awards will be open to all Rottweilers residing in Canada who are alive on Jan. 01, 2002 with the exception of the Top Producer stats, which will be open to all such Rottweilers, living or dead, which have distinguished themselves by their titled offspring.    All awards must be applied for and copies of applicable titles and/or health clearances must be submitted by March 31st of the following year.  Award winners will receive documentation of their award, and be included in our newsletter and on our website.  


Guidelines for each award system are outlined below.   All systems will utilize a common point schedule which is at the bottom of this page. 

Points for working titles are cumulative ie.  CD (1) + CDX (5) = 6 points.  Each Championship or working title will be awarded points, as will each BIS/Sieger title etc.

Points for health clearances will be honored regardless of the system used (ie. OFA/OVC) however, if an owner is submitting for points earned for tests not passed, copies of failing results must be submitted as well.   In addition, the RCC board, at its sole discretion, may nominate a dog or person to the RCC Hall of Fame based on a single outstanding contribution to the breed. 


Dogs with PEN numbers are eligible for the RCC Hall of Fame Award, RCC Honour Roll Award or the RCC Versatility Award.


RCC Hall of Fame/Honor Roll

Points required for RCC Hall of Fame = 15       
Points required for RCC Honor Roll    =  7

Rules:  Owner must be an RCC member for three consecutive years.
             Dog must be alive on or after January 1, 2002 and have resided
             in Canada.

For Hall of Fame only:  
             1 discretionary point may be given for ONE of the following:
                CGC, TT, HIC.
             2 points will be awarded if dog is tested for all health
                (hips/elbows/heart/eyes) items.
             1 additional point will be given if dog has PASSED all health screens.
             1 point will be awarded if dog is Spayed/Neutered and has never
                produced a litter.


RCC Versatility Title


Dog/Bitch must earn at least three points in at least three of the main categories:  (conformation, obedience/rally, herding, tracking, drafting*, schutzhund, agility) and have 12 points in total.


Rules:  Owner must be an RCC member for three consecutive years.

             Dog must be alive on or after January 1, 2002 and have resided in


*Drafting Titles Other Organizations

All other drafting titles from ALL other organizations (non-CKC organizations) will remain at 1 point each. This will be effective starting January 1, 2007. The other drafting titles will be eligible towards Honour Roll, Hall of Fame, Versatility and Top Producing Awards. For Top Producing Awards, the RCC will not go back and retroactively adjust prior top producing years to account for this award.


Top Producer Awards

Dog/Bitch will receive stated points for every title their offspring earn.
Awards will be given to the top producing dog and bitch each year.

Points will be cumulative and the Top Producers of all time will be listed on the RCC website. 


Rules:  All dogs are eligible, and dogs may be nominated posthumously.


           Owner need not be an RCC member.  Dog must have resided in Canada.


To qualify for cumulative awards, a dog or bitch must have a minimum of three titled offspring, coming from a minimum of two different litters; one must be a Champion, and one must have an advanced working title (CDX, TDX, AGX, SchI etc.)


Conformation   Schutzhund  
BISS - Canadian National 5 BH 1
BOSS - Canadian National 3 AD 1
BPIS - Canadian National 1 WH 1
BPIS - All Breed or Limited Entry Show 2 ZtP or BST 3
Best in all-breed show 5 SchHI or IPOI 3
Best in Specialty show (other) 3 SchHII or  IPOII 5
BOSS (other) 1 SchHIII or IPOIII 7
Can Nat'l Sieger 3 FH 5
Can Nat'l Youth Sieger 1 FH2 7
CKC Champion 2 ABST - Korung 3
AKC Champion 2 LBST - Lifetime Korung 5
Grand Champion (GCh.) 10    
Owner handled to Championship 1    
Obedience/Rally Obedience   Agility  
CKC Pre-Companion Dog (PCd) 0.5 CKC Agility Novice (AGN) 1
CKC Companion Dog (CD) 1 CKC Agility Intermediate (AGI) 3
CKC Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) 5 CKC Agility Excellent (AGX) 5
CKC Companion Dog Intermediate (CDI) 3 CKC Masters Agility (AGMX) 7
CKC Obedience Champion (OTCH) 7 AAC Agility Dog (ADC) 1
CKC Obedience Trial Champion

Excellent (OTCHx)

10 AAC Advanced Agility Dog (AADC) 3
CKC Master Obedience Trial Champion (MOTCH) 10 AAC Masters Agility Dog (MADC) 5
Grand Master Obedience Trial Champion (GMOTCH) 10 AKC Novice Agility (NA) 1
AKC Companion Dog (CD) 1 AKC Novice Jumpers (NAJ) 1
AKC Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) 5 AKC Open Agilty (OA) 3
AKC Utility Dog (UD) 7 AKC Open Agility Jumpers (OAJ) 3
AKC Utility Dog Excellent (UDX) 10 AKC Agility Excellent (AX) 5
AKC Obedience Trial Champion (OTCH) 10 AKC Jumpers Excellent (AXJ) 5
Perfect score of 200 7 AKC Masters Agility (MX) 7
High in Trial 5 AKC Masters Jumpers (MXJ) 7
Rally Novice (RN) 1 AKC Masters Agility Champion (MACH) 10
Rally Advance (RA) 3    
Rally Excellent (RE) 5    
Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE) 7    
Tracking   Carting  
CKC Tracking Dog (TD) 3

CKC Draft Dog (DD)

CKC Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX) 5 CKC Draft Dog Excellent (DDX) 3
AKC Tracking Dog (TD) 3 CKC Brace Draft Dog (BDD) 3
AKC Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX) 5 CKC Brace Draft Dog Exellent (BDDX) 5
AKC Variable Surface Tracker (VST) 7    
AKC Tracking Champion (CT) 10

Registered Therapy Dog

Urban Tracking Dog (UTD) 3 (ie. TDI, Delta Society, St. Johns) 1
Urban Tracking Dog Excellent (UTDX) 5 with 100 documented hours of service 3
Herding   Certified SAR Dog 5

(CKC or AKC use same points)


Herding Tested (HT)

1 Miscellaneous  
    (herding/carting/rally titles in this section are for non CKC/AKC titles)  
Pre-trial Tested (PT) 1 Flyball Titles 1
Herding Started (HS) 3 Hunting Titles 1
Herding Intermediate (HI) 5 Draft Titles 1
Herding Advanced (HA) 7 Lure Coursing Titles 1
Herding Excellent (HX) 10 Weight Pulling Titles 1
Herding Champion (HC) 10 Rally Titles 1
Herding Tested - Tending (HTT) 1    
Herding Started - Tending (HST) 3    
Herding Intermediate - Tending (HIT) 5    
Herding Advanced - Tending (HAT) 7    
Stock Dog Started (SDS) 3    
Stock Dog Intermediate (SDI) 5    
Stock Dog Advanced (SDA) 7    



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