Best In Show
Ch Wyndhurst Qualicum HIC

Best of Opposite
Ch Roslar's Felicity v Pioneer

Best of Winners
Black Onyx High Dollar

Ch Highland's Khan-Frontation
Ch Acosta Mobster's Bandido Bueno
Ch Bel Canto's Beach Boy
Ch Nordike's Rising Son v Mobster
CH Byerly's Dazgo v Igor
Ch Mileah's Egyptian Blue
Ch Rodsden's Fine Jasmine, TD
Ch Cammcastle's Quantum Leap Year

Top Twenty Winner
Ch Mileah's Egyptian Blue

Winners Dog
Black Onyx's High Dollar

Winners Bitch
Kelsey's Blazing Saddles

Reserve Winners Dog
Racker vom Weissen Schwann 

Reserve Winners Bitch
Nordike's The Spy Who Loves Me

Best Puppy
Pfeffer-Schloss Graf Jager

Stud Dog
CH Hy-Voltage Endev' von BoyLan

Brood Bitch
Ch Evrmor's Blackgammon v Baar, CDX, HT

Best in Sweeps
Silver Hill's Ukon Duke

Best of Opposite in Sweeps
Rudeo's Datona Speedway

Best in Veteran Sweeps
Ch Der Hagen's Rueger v Adelant

Best of Opposite in Veteran Sweeps
Ch Asgards Call Girl of Aqua

High In Trial Friday
Blitzkreig von der Fluegels VCD1, UD, TDX
High Combined Friday
OTCH ESP Aces Leve's Topgun Radar UDX, MX, MXJ
High In Trial Saturday
OTCH ESP Aces Leve's Topgun Radar UDX, MX, MXJ 
High Combined Saturday
OTCH ESP Aces Leve's Topgun Radar UDX, MX, MXJ

One TD passed out of 4 TDs and 3 TDXs
Am/Can Ch Wyndhurst Quantum Leap to Evrmor TD

High in Trial
Von Hottenstein's Marco, HI
Reserve High in Trial
Ch HC Antrieb Von Boylan, CD, HX



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