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2006 National Seminars, Test and Health Clinics!


2006 National Seminars, Test and Health Clinics!


I am very proud to report, that with the aid of our membership, we have been able to book a full gamut of seminars, tests and health clinics for the 2006 National!  It had been said that the National event should be more than just a dog show.  It should be an opportunity!  To learn about our breed or a new sport, an opportunity to access professionals that we otherwise wouldn’t have and to attend tests that might not always be available.

Even if you don’t have a dog to show, you’d be well served to attend the 2006 National Specialty and National Obedience Trial!  Our Rottweilers will receive priority booking, however should we not book solid, we will open these events to all breeds.

If you would like to attend the seminars, tests or health clinics, please book early with Terry Risebrough: or call 705-426-9500.  We will be giving preference to Rottweilers, but will be happy to accept all breeds.  Pre-Registration is highly recommended as space is limited. 


Thursday, August 10th, 2006


Canine Good Neighbour – Evaluators Cassie Levy and myself are happy to provide a CGN test to our membership. ($20 per test), start time 2:00pm

Temperament Test – The Temperament Test Associates will be offering a TT! ($30 per test), start time 2:00pm


Friday, August 11th, 2006


Tracking Seminar – Donna Wielert is an AKC Tracking Judge and has obtained multiple titles with her own Rottweilers (UDX, SchHlll, FH, FH2, Champion Tracker, VST and more!).  This will be first thing in the morning, before everyone has a chance to walk all over our tracks. ($10 per gallery, $20 for one of three working spots), start time 8:00am.

CERF Clinic – Dr. Joe Wolfer has agreed to perform a CERF eye clinic for us.  ($35 per dog).  The eye drops will dilate your dogs’ eyes for approximately 3 hours.  Drops must be administered 20 minutes before your dog may be examined.  Registration begins at 8:30am, Tests 9:00am – 11:00am.

Cardiac Clinic – Dr. Regan Williams, a cardiologist has agreed to perform a Cardiac clinic for us.  There is no shaving to perform this examination.  The successful auscultation of your dogs’ heart may be submitted to the OFA or OVC for certification. ($55 per dog)  Registration begins at 11:50am, Tests 12noon – 4:00pm

National Sweepstakes – Mrs. Ann Felske-Jackman will be judging our Puppy and Veteran Sweepstakes.  We look forward to seeing our future and our past coming out to strut their stuff!  Time T.B.A.

RCC AGM – come on out and be heard at our Annual General Meeting!  Agenda topics must be sent in PRIOR to the AGM to the club secretary, Kim Samis.  New topics may not be entertained at the AGM, they must be on the agenda.

(RCC members only) Start time 5:00pm.

Rally-O Seminar and Fun Match – Rally-O seminar, followed by a Fun Match by CARO Judge, Lorraine Purnell!  Bring out your dogs of all ages to try this fun and increasingly popular sport! ($10 for gallery, $8 per run in the fun match, limit of 30) Seminar start time is 6:30pm SHARP.  The Fun Match will begin immediately following the Seminar (approx. 7:45pm)


Saturday, August 12th, 2006


National Obedience Trial – Mr. Michael Calhoun will be judging our 2nd Annual National Obedience Trial. Time T.B.A.

National Specialty – Mrs. Joan Blackmore of the UK Gamegard Kennels, over 40 years of breeding and judging our breed, will be gracing our ring with her knowledge, experience and keen eye.  It will be a pleasure and an honour to see her evaluate our dogs. Time T.B.A.

National Judge’s Dinner – Meet Mr. & Mrs. Blackmore, enjoy each others company, food and drink at the Best Western! Time T.B.A.


Sunday, August 13th, 2006


Carting Seminar – June Ward is a CKC Drafting Judge, Toni Davies titled the first female Bernese Mountain Dog to a DD! ($10 per gallery, $20 for one of three working spots), start time 9:00am (before it gets too hot).

Breed Seminar – Our Specialty Judge, Joan Blackmore!  She’s been in the breed for over 40 years, she’s judged Rottweilers at Crufts twice – there’s no end to what we may learn! ($10), start time 11:00am

Junior Handling – Joan will once again grace us with her keen eye in the ring, for our up and coming handlers! Time T.B.A.

Of course, each of the 3 all breed shows will be a boostered entry, as well as all 4 obedience trials for HQ Rottweiler.

I’m very excited about this event and cannot wait to see all of you there!  Of course, events such as this require sponsorships, volunteers and support.  Please contact me!



Tricia Barrett

Ontario Director


National Superintendent




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