Breed Survey Information


Zuchttauglichkeitsprüfung (Ztpr)

A Rottweiler Breed Survey is a test designed to select those Rottweilers that are worthy of being bred. The Rottweiler Club of Canada is sponsoring a breed survey under German rules and judged by an official breed judge from the ADRK. This is the same breed test that every eligible Rottweiler in Germany must pass in order to be used for breeding. There will be a written evaluation of the whole dog, not just conformation, but the temperament and character as well.


The Requirements

Photocopies of the above required documentation must be submitted with 
your entryform, and you must have originals with you at the show.


The Procedure

1.  Dog will be measured, and individually critiqued. 

2.  Dog must walk on loose lead through a group of people. 

3.  Two gunshots are fired from 15-20 feet away to note the dog’s reaction to the shots. 

4.  Attack on Handler: The dog is walked toward a blind, where a helper attacks the handler. The dog must protect the handler immediately by gripping and holding the protective sleeve of the helper. The dog receives 2 stick hits during this exercise. Then the dog must out and guard. The dog is then sent after the fleeing helper to secure and stop him.


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