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RCC ON Regional Specialty


Wayne Buck Memorial Specialty

Sunday, November 29th, 2009


In conjunction with the Caledon Kennel Association


I would like to thank our generous sponsors for their donations of this special event.  Your kindness is a true tribute to the memory of Wayne Buck.


Michelle Paré

Kim Oatway

Ann Felske-Jackman

Katherine Hoffman

Tammy Ausloos

Susan Trout

Cheryl Carruthers

Pat Carkoski

Jen Perry


And the Total Rottweiler Magazine

An additional thank you to Ann for donating her CGN evaluating services, allowing us to use her friendly dog Envy!


High Qualifying Score Rottweiler:

Kjac’s Young At Heart Lexus, *CDX

Owner: Cynthia Thomas

*New CDX with this leg!


Specialty Sweepstakes

Judge: Mr. Scott Johnson


Senior Puppy Dog Class

1st Elnr’s Neverending Dream

2nd Eis Haus Hot Prospect V Esmond


Open Dog

1st Gruppstark’s Oh My


Junior Puppy Bitch Class

1st Eirian’s Flawless Beauty

2nd Esmonds Your Brie De Meaux

3rd Kjaq’s Amiable Molly By Golly


Senior Puppy Bitch Class

1st CH. Onyxgold’s Royal Flush


Open Bitch Class

1st Esmonds Game On Vanstone

2nd Gruppstarks Oh My God


Best In Sweeps: Gruppstark’s Oh My, Dog, David & Jane & S.J. Grupp

Best of Opposite in Sweeps: Esmonds Game On Vanstone, CGN, Bitch, Jennifer Perry, Ann Felske-Jackman


Memorial Specialty

Judge: Mr. Michael Quinney


Junior Puppy Dog Class

2nd Steenfeldts Marcus Of Aurelius


Senior Puppy Dog Class

1st Eis Haus Hot Prospect V Esmond

2nd Elner’s Neverending Dream


Bred By Exhibitor Dog Class

1st Gruppstark’s Oh My


Open Dog Class

2nd Figi Von Herrschaft


Winners Dog: Gruppstark’s Oh My, Listed, David & Jane & S. & J. Grupp

Reserve Winners Dog: Eis Haus Hot Prospect V Esmond, 1106935, Jade Hill & Ann Felske-Jackman


Junior Puppy Bitch Class

1st Eirian’s Flawless Beauty

2nd Kjac’s Amiable Molly By Golly


Senior Puppy Bitch Class

3rd Dezzy Von Stolz Und Liebe


Bred By Exhibitor Bitch Class

1st Gruppstark’s Oh My God

2nd Esmonds Game On Vanstone, CGN


Open Bitch Class

1st Oakviews Voila V Esmond


Winners Bitch: Gruppstark’s Oh My God, Listed, Susan & Julie Grupp

Reserve Winners Bitch: Oakview’s Voila V Esmond, 1107225, Tammy Ausloos & Ann Felske-Jackman


Best Of Breed: CH Gruppstark’s Lady’s Man, Dog, ERN26001960, Susan, Julie & Art Grupp, 10/26/2004, Breeder: Susan & Julie Grupp, by Dasko Vom Eisenton ex Gruppstark’s Lady Of Knight, Elsewhere, Agent: Susan Grupp


Best of Opposite Sex, Best Puppy In Breed, Award Of Merit: CH Onyxgold’s Royal Flush, Bitch, UY265377, Heather Peters, 12/01/2008, Breeder: Heather Peters, Cynthia Ellis, by CH. Avatar Luck Of The Draw, CDX, RN ex GCH Eternalfire’s A Ragin Hot Sauce, CGN, TT. Canada. Agent: Allison Alexander-Foley.


Best Of Winners, Best Bred By Exhibitor: Gruppstark’s Oh My, Listed, David & Jane Grupp and S. & J. Grupp, 08/16/2008, Breeder: Susan & Julia Grupp, by Ch Gruppstark’s Lady’s Man ex Windrifts Katy Cruel. Elsewhere. Agent: Susan Grupp.


Best Canadian Bred In Specialty: Esmond’s The Oz Man Cometh, Dog. SJ097008, Christine Triggs and Gus Alexandropoulos, 05/10/2006, Breeder: Kevin A Levy, Cassandra J. Levy, Ann Felske-Jackman, by Keerocka’s Entertainer ex Esmonds Jump For Joy. Canada


Winners Altered Female, Best of Breed Altered: CH Esmonds Peppermint Patty, CD, TDX, RE, AGN, AGNJ, CGN, RC998674, Katherine Hoffman, 02/26/2005, Breeder: Ann Felske-Jackman, Tammy Ausloos, by Ch. Yngo Van Het Dornedal CDX, TD, SCHIII, FH, BH ex Ch Esmonds Golden Opportunity, AGN, AGIJ, Canada


Thank you,

Tricia Barrett-Butler

RCC President

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